I think it's time for us to chat...

The Mindset Refresh Power Call is 4-week intensive Accountability call designed to REFRESH your mindset!

The only way to improve your lifestyle, business or anything at all is to first change the way you approach it.

It's time for a Reset + Refresh

I've teamed up with my girl Vanessa from @Beautifulshadesofme to teach you how to reset + refresh+level-up your mindset over the next 4 weeks. We'll focus on a number of topics ranging from breaking down limiting beliefs, developing new patterns, and applying new habits to improve your overall quality of life.

How do I know if this is for me?

  • If you have a negative outlook on life?
  • If you good at starting, but you never complete anything?
  • If you are lacking confidence in yourself?
  • If you speak negatively about things before they even happen?
  • If you have limiting beliefs about money?
  • If your ready to improve your personal and professional development?
  • If you've been feeling insecure about your accomplishments? 
  • If you want to to develop new positive relationships in your life?
  • If you often participate in negative self talk? 

If you're ready to invest in your future and make the necessary changes to get to that NEXT LEVEL, this is for you!I

During our 4 weeks together, we'll focus on the following:

Healthy Relationships



Professional & Personal Development


Asking Hard Questions



Outer Beauty

Inner Beauty

Breaking Down Limited Beliefs

Money Management


Personal Finance


8 Live Mastermind Power Calls

Vanessa and I will connect with the Ladies 2x per week to help you develop a fresh perspective on various topics that affect your life/business, brainstorm with you, and answer all your questions about any of the topics listed above. 

All calls will be in the form of a conference call every Monday & Thursday for the month of August.

*Agenda provided to call partipants upon rewgistration. 



Private Coaching Opportunities

1:1 virtual private coaching session where we’ll laser focus on one specific road-block in your life or business.


Unlimited access to private group chat & off-line Mentorship

All participants will be invited to a special private group chat to connect with the other group members daily over the next 30 days. 

Did I mention....Full access to Vanessa & I as your personal coaches for 30 full days! 



The goal is for you to gain a fresh perspective, improve your beliefs system, and implement new lifestyle practices as you work to refresh your mindset.

Total Investment: $120.00 (The break-down: $30.00 per week/ $15.00 per call)

I’m working on myself, for myself .....with my team beside me!
— Karley