Founded in 2015, ForeverKarley is a trusted, sought-after accountability coach.

Karlet Hewitt a.k.a ForeverKarley

Karlet Hewitt a.k.a ForeverKarley

A few years ago, I was living a fearful lifestyle and creating all my own problems. I was the only thing standing in the way of a happier life. I was afraid to let the world see who I really was or what I had to offer.

Now that I think back on it, it seems a bit silly—but that was my mindset. If you answer ‘yes’ to answer to any of the following, then I’m glad you’ve found me:

I specialize in motivational goal-setting and strategic planning.

My job is to help you find clarity and push past your fears to start living the life you were created to love!

How did I escape from that mindset?

I began my faith walk on June 7, 2015. That was the day I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior.

That was the day I decided to move from fearful to faithful, the day I truly fell in love with me, the day I decided that faith and fear simply cannot exist in the same place.

I realized that no matter what anyone thought about me or said about me, I can and will always live the life I was created to love. I escaped that mindset by standing for authenticity and being the best version of myself both personally and professionally on a daily basis. This is my commitment to myself. 

I specialize in motivational accountability coaching, goal-setting, and helping you propel forward in your life. I help clients who are seeking meaningful and realistic goal-setting by developing personalized plans customized to fit your lifestyle needs.

Together, we'll map out a clear vision of the goals you want to achieve and create a step-by-step action plan to bring them to fruition, and in the process, help you to become your most authentic self.

Think about the most successful people in business, sports, and politics. Do you know the common factor? They all have coaches! My job is to guide you through defining your needs and help you to create a strategic action plan to ensure that you’ll get exactly where you want to be.


Karlet Hewitt | Chief Executive Motivator + CEO



What Is Accountability Coaching?


An accountability coach is an experienced professional who works with you to help create direction in your life and bring about a fresh approach so you can achieve maximum results in your everyday life and reach your goals. Working with an accountability coach helps you to create a more efficient and effective approach to achieving your goals.

Accountability coaching helps you to eliminate procrastination and truly get things done. Whether in your life or in your business, procrastination can truly break you—and when you’re trying to beat it, it’s not about what you say, it’s about the steps you take to get you to the next level and achieve success.

An accountability coach helps you take and achieve those vital steps.



..... i'll create the solution.


I specialize in developing personalized programs for women seeking meaningful and

realistic goal setting. Together, we’ll create a clear vision of the goals you desire and create a step ­by ­step action plan to bring it to fruition. I do this by assisting you to become your most authentic confident self.

When you believe in what you’re doing, tell me who can stop you?