About Us

We are a team of innovative, thinkers and doers who create actionable strategies and help our clients find new avenues to elevate their lives, growth in their businesses and productivity in their everyday lives.

With our combined experiences and unlimited resources we solve our clients’ current lifestyle and business challenges as we empower and inspired them to live their best lives Beyond the Memes.

Make ForeverKarley your primary resource for one-on-one coaching and consulting, access to key business resources, management programs, and tools for overall improved lifestyle and business efficiency. 


We provide innovative solutions and guidance that result in business and personal success to create long-term success in our clients lives and theirs businesses Beyond the Memes.


Our mission is to serve as a highly regarded resource to our clients by leading by example in our personal and professional lives; as we elevate and empower women to become the best version of themselves Beyond the Memes.


We value Integrity.  We begin every client relationship with a thorough assessment to clearly outline expectations. 

We value Strategy. We believe the only way to find your way is to have guidance. 

We value Accountability. We ensure our clients stay on target with all tasks and serve as a built in support system. 

We value Results. Execution is the name of the game. We strive to receive true measurable results for every client, because we want to see you win Beyond the Memes. 


Founder & High-Performance Lifestyle Manager

Karlet Reid, Lifestyle Manager

After serving as an Executive Assistant for the past 10+ years, Karlet Reid launched ForeverKarley.com in 2016 offering Accountability coaching to women who were ready to become fearless, fabulous, productive  and confident in their daily lives and businesses. 

Karlet Reid is a is a High-Performance Lifestyle Manager, Business Mentor, Speaker, and the owner of ForeverKaarley.com and the Life Beyond the Memes Community where she helps purpose-driven women creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners break through their challenges, operate at their highest potential and create self-sustaining businesses and improve upon their lifestyles.

Karlet is highly passionate about helping women unapologetically become the best version of themselves and create a life and business they can be proud of beyond the use of social media, "Beyond the Memes". 


I work my clients to identify and create strategic solutions that lead to long term lifestyle and business improvements.

Together, we will work to shift your mindset, gain clarity of your vision, goals, and values; all while I hold full accountable.

I believe there is true value in a partnerships to help make long term changes. I'd like to partner with you to make that happen!

I recognize every client situation is unique and look to find the best solutions to transform your life and business. 

By partnering with us, you’ll learn how to break through the chains of bad habits, uncover the negative self talk that keeps your stuck and frozen by fear so that you can manifest your dreams and focus on living your best life and run your business with ease. 

Ciao for now,


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Lifestyle Manager, Client Services 

Kymiia is responsible for client servicing and management in the Connecticut region at ForeverKarley. Prior to joining Kymiia was a Client Service Associate with Travelers Insurance and Verizon Wireless, Headquarters.

Her focused is helping clients meet their personal and business goals by working along side them on projects from inception to completion.

Outside of work she enjoys event planning, organizing, and spending time with her friends family and 9 month old son Grayson.




Business Development Assistant