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We are a team of innovative, thinkers and doers who focuses on strategy consulting, training of new concepts and internal communication. We help our clients find new avenues to elevate their lives, growth in their businesses and productivity in their everyday lives.

With our combined experiences and unlimited resources we solve our clients’ current lifestyle and business challenges as we empower and inspired them to live their best lives on and offline.

Make ForeverKarley your primary resource for your strategic planning and consulting needs, access to key resources, programs, and tools for overall improved lifestyle and business efficiency. 


karlet reiD

Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Karlet Reid, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at The Purpoint Group

Karlet founded The Purpoint Group in August 2018. A Women's Empowerment Agency, specializing in Accountability Coaching, Lifestyle and Business solutions for women,  creative entrepreneurs and business owners.

Karlet and her team at the Purpoint group strive to push purpose-driven women past their fears, work through everyday challenges of self-doubt, operate at their highest potential both personally and professionally while implementing long-term lifestyle and business improvements through strategic goal planning.  

Karlet, often referred to as "The People's Cheerleader," celebrates the purpose and calling in every person she interacts with unapologetically both virtually and in-person, or as she says it, “Beyond the Meme's.” 

Karlet is highly passionate in her approach of taking her clients on a journey, using a little tough love in order to show them they can be themselves and create a legacy they are truly proud of.

For more information, contact Karlet at here.



As your Strategic Planner, I help my clients identify specific behavior patterns, strengths, weaknesses and skills necessary to take the actions required to receive maximum results and elevate their mindsets, lives and businesses Together, we will work to get your clarity of your vision, missions, goals, and values.

I believe there is true value in a partnerships in order to create long term changes and I'd like to partner with you as you take the steps to make that happen.

I recognize every client situation is unique and seek to create the best possible solutions to transform your life and business. 

By partnering with my team, you’ll learn how to break through the chains of continuous bad habits, increase productivity,  uncover your negative self talk that keeps your stuck and frozen by fear so that you can manifest your dreams and focus on living your best life, while managing your business with ease. 

Ciao for now,



Kymiia Mood

Lifestyle Manager, Client Services

Kymiia is responsible for client servicing and management in the Connecticut region at ForeverKarley. Prior to joining Kymiia was a Client Service Associate with Travelers Insurance and Verizon Wireless, Headquarters.

Kymiia focuses on helping her clients increase productivity and meet their personal and business goals by supporting them through their personal and business projects from inception to completion.

Vanessa Ortiz

LIFE COACh at Beautifulshadesofme.com

partner, Mindset Refresh Power Call

Serving as an agent of change for the last 10+ years in the Human Services Industry for the State of Connecticut Vanessa Ortiz works with women to find their voices, recognize and dismantle unproductive behavioral patterns to become the best version of themselves.

Vanessa believes women should always show up in the world with their crowns on. As a mother, certified life coach and motivational speaker, Vanessa’s mission is to help women awaken the possibilities in their personal lives through story-telling, mindfulness coaching, accountability and an overall fresh perspective

Vanessa helps her clients find the resources necessary to achieve their goals, identify, and implement healthy lifestyle habits to get out of their own way and on the right path to achieve self-mastery.

Vanessa’s keynotes and workshops include thought-provoking, impactful content, relatable anecdotes and actionable strategies that leave women confident, uplifted and inspired.

Please visit to www.beautifulshadesofme.com to learn more about her coaching services.




Business Development Assistant

Larissa is our dynamic and resourceful Business Development Assistant. She brings her expertise to various areas of the ForeverKarley team and assist with client outreach and data management. 

For business inquiries, please contact Larissa directly.
Serious inquiries only.