ForeverKarley is a New York City-based consultant agency specializing in creating innovative solutions for purpose-driven women who want to identify and break through their everyday challenges, operate at their highest potential and implement long-term lifestyle and business improvements through goal analysis, strategic planning and accountability coaching.

Let us help you connect the dots  in your Life and your Business Beyond the Memes.


Unlike other consulting firms ForeverKarley does more than just point you in the right direction.

We focus on taking true action to determine what you should work towards along your journey to elevating your life or business-and what you should leave behind you as you grow along. 



Running your life and business can be rewarding, exhausting and very time consuming.

With a full understanding of your goals and needs, we create a clear strategy, to meet your specific objectives and monitor every aspect of all tasks from inception to completion.




How effective are you at getting things done?  Creating the life or business you want begins with successfully completing the items on your to-do lists.

We believe in taking a hands on approach to executing our clients goals. Our accountability and alignment process allows you to work smarter not harder than your competitors by pairing you with a 1:1 Lifestyle Manager. 

“ForeverKarley has this amazing ability to keep you excited, focused and motivated to follow your dreams by clearly outlining your goals and working towards it relentlessly!”
- Marquita P.